Introduction – Ruler Sordk

This is but a brief introduction of what will follow in subsequent posts pertaining to Ruler Sordik.

Sordik is the ruler of planet WD4BA in parallel universe Guareta. He is a prickly fellow who travels the universe conquering planets. As trophy from each victory, those foes who enticed his might, are forced into slavery and brought to planet WD4BA’s penal colony. However, his insatiable thirst for untouched territory soon tires his whim for the current slaves, forcing him to wage battles in need of being soothed by fitting replacements. There upon lies his need to conquer.

Unlike countrymen who fear afflictions by DTS before battles, all the sordikans wear battle gear, except Ruler Sordik who fears not the effects of being rubbed wrong in search to experience triumph clothed by the residues of foes. The inability not to feel his foes struggles upon him is unattainable encapsulated in battle gear; without a shield he must face unknown struggles.

He is feared throughout Guareta, more so within WD4BA, where the most of valiant sordikans bow before his majesty, some even discharge from the awe of his sight.

Every so often, a young and valiant sordikan attempts to dethrone Ruler Sordik, resulting in civil tension until a clear winner is beheld. It’s be a long time coming since the last challenge. Not one has dared to challenge the ruler because of the daily remainder of the last challenger who was defeated when trapped within a firming deterrent agent, and consequently hooded with a cloak that will forever prevent him from making the same mistake.

There lies the premise of what will become  a series of posts.

Copyright July 7th 2010 by Javier Arroyo. All Rights Reserved
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  1. Dude, gimme more!


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