About the Songs

Ok. I admit it. I really do not know anything about song writing. As if that weren’t enough, it is salsa songs that I’m supposedly writing. So. Here are these “songs” which I’ve written giving a prelude into my ignorance.

The songs come about my lament that Lyrics in Salsa are normally garbage. Garbage for more than one reason. I don’t particularly affiliate with the idea that songs must be meaningful, or deep. I feel that lyrics should at least be “loosely” clever. There ought to be a methodology to the context, or content. Some form of word play; really, anything that gives the appearance that a writer can project intentions. Often times, it’s a disappointment to hear lyrics for which the message is to fill up space, and take up track time.

Perhaps, I’m further away with my songs, than salsa song writers are, but what do I know? I like to complain about all the things I love. Salsa being one of them is at my aim.

I have a Jerry Seinfeld sort of outlook on song writing. The songs tend to be about nothing. Nothing, of course, is something. Within that something is where I try to fill the void. Grab the something within nothing, and express what it could mean to me.

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  1. Elizabeth

     /  November 13, 2010

    Muy lindas me gusta mucho …..


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