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As for the title, “Un Canto Jibaro” roughly means A Jibaro Sung. Jibaro, originally means the residents of the country side in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. It today has come to mean anything and everything that identifies a person as being Puertorican.

The blog got started from my disillusion in Salsa Lyrics. I thought that if salsa lyrics could be that bad, I couldn’t do any worse. Hence, I set out to prove that I could indeed write salsa lyrics just as bad as those professionally written.

My approach to writing them is “no approach”. I write about anything and everything, from gentrification of areas populated by the less fortunate ( Senor Verde ), Drugs ( Perdicion ), to the female anatomy ( Teclista ).

I believe that songs can be about any topic, whether it is joking around, or being deeply serious, a good composer should be able to weave in and out of topics (not that I can, either) and still be able to create songs that are worth the space they occupy on the web.

Salsa today lacks a great deal, whether in arrangements, or lyrically. Composing, it’s as if the departure of one Tite Curret Alonso took with him the ability to write songs. So, here are my songs, some joking, some serous, some lustful. I try to hit anything and everything in between. Reason being is that I except from Salsa Music what I expect of my wife. I want her to be the source of joy, pain, lust, wittiness, soulfulness, “smartness”, “dumbness”. I honestly want Salsa to be the one music that sooths any mood I wish. If I need to go outside of salsa to sooth any one emotion, then Salsa is missing something.

So, here is “Un Canto Jibaro”. A blog, though not solely dedicated to salsa lyrics, mostly about salsa lyrics. A place where I can create my own lyrics and laugh, or cry whenever I feel like reading some of my ideas. 😀 Hope you enjoy them as much as I do when writing them.

To navigate, you may use the links under category on the right hand side of the blog, which are not really categories, rather song titles, or use the directional arrows on top of each entry. When clicking on the home page, the blog by default displays the latest entries for the current month, at which time you may click on the left-pointing arrow to view older posts.

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