About Buscando Salsa

“Buscando Salsa” is a site containing essays, poetry, songs centered around my enjoyment of salsa music & dancing. The original intention was limited to songs I wrote in an attempt to prove that someone like me (uneducated to all ends about salsa music) could write lyrics as bad as those heard in salsa music. It has now (April 2016) taken a turn to cover pieces I wrote a very long time ago when I used to dance most days of most years. Today I no longer dance as once before. I do miss it and occasion frequent the very places I did 10 years ago. Mostly to a dismay that the status quo of the dance seen is further cemented in mediocrity.

My wish is for people also enamored with Salsa, to drive by and get a view of salsa dancing that is just absent from it.

To that I say… let’s get our dance on 😀

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  1. Ani

     /  July 6, 2011

    babe u r too sweet & funny. what’s not funny is that out of almost 600 words above, I make up 12 words! TWELVE!? goodness, how time takes… takes my pedestal, my title, my glory! Your children take 19 words. Combined, about 30 out of about 600… we are just 5% of your life?!?!? What a pity! Your hobbies take up more of your life and time!

    Boy, are you paying for this! Your lacrosse (btw, you forgot to mention lacrosse team participation) cheerleaders (Emma, Leeanna & I) QUIT!


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